About us



Instituto Faça Parte (Faça Parte Institute) is a civil society organization founded in 2001. Its mission is to promote the culture of volunteerism by encouraging youth participation in the construction of a socially fairer nation. Faça Parte stimulates educational volunteerism actions, recognizing and promoting school experiences; producing contents to improve quality, autonomy and the importance of educational projects created by schools. It also works for the empowerment of the culture of volunteerism not just for the school community but also for the general society.


Selo Escola Solidária

Solidary School Seal is Faça Parte Institute’s main project, which identifies and recognizes Brazilian schools experiences committed to an education based in the ideals of citizenship and participation.


Contents – Library
Since its foundation, Faça Parte produces and distributes instructive books, handbooks and videos to educators and their students in all country to promote the volunteering culture and service learning as a replicable model to be developed in schools.


Empowerment of Volunteering
There is a set of projects to stimulate the general public, which includes the Faça Parte’s song “Todo mundo tem algum talento” (Everybody has a talent) – recorded by well-known artists in many musical styles – and the publications “Sonhando Juntos” (Dreaming Together) and “Realizando Juntos” (Acting Together).


For more information, please send an email to coordenacao@facaparte.org.br